Originally, we were making Quilts for the Ronald McDonald House in Greenville.  When
a family is leaving the house, they are given a handcrafted quilt for their child.  These
can be any size from neo-natal to adult size, as they serve all ages at the nearby
In 2013, we added "Project Linus", serving the SE area of North Carolina.  These can be
knitted, crocheted, fleece-tied, or a pieced quilt of any size.  These are given out by the
local coordinator of the five-county area.  
A member can specify where her quilt will go.  Over the last three years, over 200 quilts
have been made by members and donated.  In 2015, 74 quilts were donated.

Since the fall of 2012, the guild has sent quilts directly to Air Evacuation units stationed
in Afghanistan.  Since the Air Force Evacuation has ended in Afghanistan, we are now
sending our quilts to the Casualty Air Staging Facility (CASF) at Ramstein AFB,
Germany.  To date we have sent several dozen quilts that have kept our wounded
warriors warm while being air lifted to medical facilities for further treatment of injuries.  
The quilts (40" x 60") are sized to fit the litters on which the soldiers are transported and
are of no particular pattern.  We try to make each quilt colorful, cheerful in nature, and
not too "froufrou".  Each quilt bears the TRQG label and the maker's first name or
initials.  We will continue to send quilts as  long as our young men and women are
stationed in harms way.  Between the veterans home and the military quilts, over 55
quilts were donated in 2015.

The guild is supporting the Kinston Veterans Home by making lap-robe sized quilts to
place on each of the beds.  When a sufficient number of quilts are gathered, we take
them to the nursing home along with paper-back books members have donated.

Since 2007,Twin Rivers Quilters has participated in the national grass roots project
which sends quilts to the families of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  
This project follows the U.S. Civil War tradition of supplying quilts to soldiers.  Our quilts
are sent to families of military personnel from North Carolina.  Thus far, we have
supplied over 94 quilts to families who have lost a loved one as an expression of our
sympathy for their loss.  In 2012, the Album Block was chosen as the official Home of the
Brave block.  It takes 15 blocks to complete a quilt.  If you would like to contribute blocks,
just follow the link below for the instructions.


At least three nursing homes in the New Bern area receive quilts each month.  "Lap
Quilts" are approximately 40" x 40" and most patients leave them on their bed or wrap
the quilts around their shoulders.
A "Fidgit" quilt is very similar to the famous "busy box" that infants have played with.  
They have fabrics with different textures, beads on strings, zippers, and pockets
which allow the patients to play or "fidgit" with them.  They are mostly used in the
alzheimer wards.  They are smaller, about 20" x 25", and patients use them on their laps.
Since 2012, the guild has made and donated 57 lap and fidgit quilts.  In 2015, 49 nursing
home quilts and 16 fidgit quilts were donated.


The Coastal Women's Shelter serves families affected by domestic violence in Craven,
Jones, and Pamlico counties in Eastern N.C.  Guild members regularly donate items for
the shelter, anything from food to
personal items.  At monthly business meetings, a
basket is passed around for monetary donations.  This money is used to purchase gifts
for a family adopted at Christmas.
In May, 2015, the guild began helping make and decorate rectangular "Flags of Hope"
which will be used to raise awareness of domestic violence.  These flags will be hung
downtown and supporters can purchase one and write a message on it.  This will run
through the end of October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In addition to quilts made for these groups, in 2005 the guild sent quilts to Hurricane
Katrina victims, and in 2011 quilts were sent to Japan for the tsunami victims.  We have
also made raffle quilts for Habitat for Humanity, Alzheimer's Assoc., and Relay for Life.  
In 2017 many quilts have been made and donated to local victims in Vanceboro, NC,
whose homes were flooded as a result of Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

In 2015 we started using our scrap fabrics to make pillows for the cats at the Colonial
Capital Humane Society shelter.  These are approximately 20" x 24", about the size of a
standard pillowcase.  So far we have made and contributed about 30-35 pillows.  We
were asked by that group to make a raffle quilt for the society as one we made several
years ago brought in a large amount of money for their all-volunteer no-kill society.  This
year we made two, one with cats, one with dogs.  After our initial gift of kitty pillows, the
quilters group has enthusiastically taken on this project for using their scraps.  We now
have made and donated several hundred pillows taken to the Sun Journal Newspaper to
be distributed to several local pet organizations. In the May 28, 2017, full page thank you
from the Sun Journal, we were mentioned by name.  

After the August 2017 Hurricane Harvey that hit Houston, TX, with a two-day lead time,
the members of the TRQG donated over 50 quilts and blankets, plus over 200
pillowcases to be given to a donation center and handed out to victims of this tragedy.  
Then, after a member went to Florida to help after Hurricane Irma, she requested
pillowcases made that would be taken to Puerto Rico for victims of Hurricane Marie.  
You may wonder why pillowcases, but they are strong and can be used as bags to carry
food, water, and other necessities.  The hurricanes of 2017 have been devastating for