Twin Rivers Quilters Guild is a non-profit organization located in New Bern, NC.
The Guild is dedicated to the art of quilting.

The Guild was organized in 1983 by thirteen women who shared their enthusiasm,
skills, and artistry with each other.  In the spring of 1984, the members held their
first Quilt Show.  They shared a potluck supper with each other as they displayed
their quilts.  Subsequently, members exhibited their work as part of an annual
Historic Homes Tour and held an annual Quilt Show which was free to the public.  
Members were able to display their work and promote their art.

From its inception, the Guild participated in community events and supported local
charities with donations of quilts.  The Guild offered their first raffle quilt in 1986.  
Raffle proceeds were then and continue to be used to support the educational and
charitable activities of the Guild.  Classes and workshops were available monthly,
and experienced quilt teachers from across the state were invited to share their

By 1988, there were 75 members.  As members' numbers and skills increased, the
Quilt Show was moved to a biennial schedule allowing the members to produce a
greater number of quilts and to showcase more intricate work.  In 1990, the Guild
became a chapter of the National Quilting Association.  Members continue to win
awards for their work which they present at the biennial Guild Show now held at the
New Bern Riverfront Convention Center.

The Guild supports many local organizations plus has also sent quilts to victims of
natural disasters.  (see Service Projects link below)
In 2014 we had 122 members and are celebrating our 30 year anniversary.
Annual membership dues are $30.00 per year due by December 31st each year. If
joining after July 1st the fee is $15.00.  Experienced and new quilters are welcomed.
Visitors are welcomed and may attend two meetings before becoming a member.

Application form available, click here.

(Thanks to Helen Williams, our remaining active original member for the oral history of the Guild.)