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Participants:  Phyllis Prideaux, Sandy Drechsler, Kathy Farrar, Linda Sullivan, Pat Kruger, and Jan Penner.  
They manipulated fabric by tying pieces of coral, marbles, and beads into the fabric with elastic bands.  
Than folded, clamped, sewed, and tied the fabric to cones before placing the fabric in the Indigo Dye Bath.
After removing all the things they had put into and around the fabric it was rinsed and set with a vinegar
bath, then hung outdoors to dry.  The ladies dyed scarves, dresses, draping tops and quilting fabric.   All
agreed, this was, by far, one of the best and most enjoyable classes they had ever taken.
Workshop - Indigo Dyeing - Presented by Julia McDonald
Place:  Julia's home at Minnessott Beach