North Carolina Quilt Symposium
The NCQSI is a non-profit corporation that promotes and perpetuates the art of quilting through regularly
sponsored symposia within the state of North Carolina and by sponsoring other projects designed to
preserve, continue, and advance this art form.
American Quilter's Association AQS
An organization promoting the accomplishments of today’s quilters on a national and international scale.
Quilting Pathways
An interesting site for people who not only love quilting and quilt shows, but traveling.  Included on the site
are upcoming quilt shows and events country-wide, free patterns, printable templates, and a traveling
quilter blog, plus much more..
Beginner's Guide to Quilting from the Comfort of your Sofa
From the history of quilting, to the beginner basics of quilting, right through binding your quilt, this site is
full of information under each separate tab.  Thanks to one of our website readers, Betty C, who
suggested adding this link to the TRQG website.
It is a "centralized and most trusted source of quilting info (shops, brands, guilds, professionals, and
museums) in the industry."  It's goal is to be the largest and most up-to-date database where quilters
world-wide can go to get information on guilds and shops to events and classes.