TRQG 2020
"Out of the Blues"
Applique center designed and
pieced by Sue Marra
First Meeting - Jan 20, 2018     Chair:  Evelyn Berhardt
Dorothy Najarian's outstanding find in a quilt magazine moved the design
process along. Kay Amend paper-pieced a beautiful flying geese border to
encircle the applique.
Sue Kleeman held a Paper Piecing Workshop at SOR
for the Ribbon Border
The quilt top was finished the first week of May and revealed at the May 9th business meeting.  Next
Dorothy Najarian will inspect it thoroughly before giving it to Margaret (Three Bears Quilting).
Chair: Evelyn Bernhardt
Team Members:
Sue Marra
Dorothy Najarian
Carolyn Hansen
Chris Young
Pat Mayo
Ann Albee
Pam Bonina
Adah Walker
Lynn Peck-Collins
Evelyn brought in a picture of a pendant
she thought would make a great quilt
block.  Sue Marra took the photo and
made it into a beautiful center block by
altering the shape and embelishing it to a
larger block.  The center block, all needle
turned applique was finished in two weeks.
Playing With Design Ideas
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member,or by contacting TRQG via email:
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6 for $5.00
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